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Did you know you are required to drop test your fire doors annually? 

Annual Inspection and Testing

  • Frequency: NFPA 80 mandates that fire door assemblies, including rolling steel fire doors, be inspected and tested at least once a year.

  • Scope of Testing: The annual test should include checking the operation of the door, ensuring it closes fully and latches properly, and confirming the functionality of automatic closing devices and other related hardware.

Additional Situations Requiring Testing

  • After Repairs or Modifications: Whenever a fire door or its components are repaired or altered, it must be tested to ensure that it still meets the fire resistance and operational standards.

  • New Installations: Newly installed fire doors must be tested upon installation to confirm they operate correctly and meet all necessary fire protection requirements.

Regular Visual Inspections

  • Monthly Visual Checks: While the comprehensive operational test is annual, NFPA 80 also recommends more frequent visual inspections, which may be conducted monthly, to identify any obvious signs of damage or tampering that could impair the door's functionality.

Record Keeping

  • Documentation: Detailed records of all inspections, tests, maintenance, and repairs must be kept. These records should include the date of the inspection or test, the name of the person performing the work, and a description of any issues found and corrective actions taken.

To comply with NFPA 80, fire drop testing of overhead fire doors should be conducted annually, with additional tests required after any repairs or modifications. Regular visual inspections are also recommended to ensure ongoing functionality and readiness. Keeping thorough documentation of all inspections and maintenance activities is essential for compliance and effective fire safety management.

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