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We are the largest volume dealer in the world for the CornellCookson product line.  We can provide design assistance, installation, and service of all products.  



Cookson Door is the leading provider of roll-up doors, safety gates, insulated garage doors, overhead garage door, fire rated doors, security doors, security gates, fire doors and accordion doors. With our vast catalog of products, we have the solutions you are looking for.

If you cannot find what you are looking for like specific commercial rolling doors or custom garage doors, our Rolling Door Support team is here to help.

Our extensive line of closure products will show you why Cookson is a world-leading overhead door company. Our overhead garage door selections show off the many innovations that our customers rave about. All of our roll-up doors are custom manufactured to your specifications. Not only can we design and manufacture your exterior door to your specifications, we have many overhead coiling doors and products to meet various needs.  

One of our most popular overhead coiling door feature is insulation. Insulated garage doors not only help you building be more energy efficient, but insulated exterior doors can help seal your building from the elements, reduce sound transmission and provide security. Our highest rated insulated garage doors can decrease air infiltration by 94%.

A high traffic building can take advantage of our high-speed roll-up door high-speed roll-up door roll-up door and gates. Rapid roll-up doors and gates not only increase open and close time, but the advanced mechanics can provide up to 1,000,000 maintenance open and close cycles! High traffic security gates and door areas can save money with increased efficiency and the lowest lifetime cost for an overhead door.

Many customers choose Cookson for the security of a steel security door. But our complete line of custom safety gates and security gates and grilles can help any building safe from theft and burglary. Having a security door system gives your employees and customers peace of mind too. We have security doors systems not only to protect in case of a break in but also max security doors systems for quick reactions to looting, riots or vandals.

Fire is a growing concern of building owners.  Fire rated doors and fire counter doors help to compartmentalize a fire event quickly. When fire doors and fire shutters are installed, it will prevent fire and smoke from spreading. Combined with one of our automated fire door closing systems will give any building with overhead coiling doors peace of mind.

In addition to our roll-up doors and safety gates, Cookson also offers state of the art accordion walls that can transform a room quickly into several smaller private areas. Sliding walls can be designed as a wall side pocket wall, with zero floor space and minimal headroom. Sound absorbing accordion walls can be manufactured with different levels of noise reduction for increased privacy.

Cookson door’s roll up doors, safety gates are available worldwide. In addition, we provide many overhead door and security grille tools such as our door specification generator, door drawing generator, current door codes and listings, downloadable roll-up door BIM objects as well as a dedicated architect support team.


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