We provide the best custom engineered opening solutions!

Custom Gates and Gate Design in Los Angeles

McKendry Door Sales and Service (MDS) offers a diverse assortment of custom gates and slider options, such as Advantage Gates, International Door, Ramcast Gates and Torxun. We provide our clients with custom engineered solutions. From classic to modern, our skilled manufacturers have the ability to create all types of gate design. Our team of highly knowledgeable and experienced door specialists are experts in designing, building, repairing and installing all types of gate and slider options. We are here to keep you informed throughout the entire process. For over 60+ years, MDS is dedicated to providing exceptional gates and sliders for both residential and commercial properties residing in Los Angeles and throughout California.

Whether you’re in need of side sliding grilles, custom gates, sight doors, etc., MDS can do it all! You can always count on MDS as we are licensed, insured and bonded by Travelers Insurance. With MDS, premium quality is promised with all of our products. We only align ourselves with industry leading manufacturers. Our services and production are held to the highest standard of excellence. Our consultation session will provide you BIM software, a 3D model-based process that displays the architecture, engineering and construction details of your desired gate or slider. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact McKendry Door Sales and Service today!

MDS offers a variety of custom gate options:

  • Accordion Fire
  • Sound and Sight Doors
  • Side Sliding Grilles

Accordion Fire, Sound and Sight Doors

McKendry Door Sales and Service now has an Accordion Fire Door to compete with WON Door. We provide premium parts coupled with prompt and immediate service after all door installations. We are competitive, hungry for business, and will provide the same quality of service and integrity that we have always provided.

Side Sliding Grilles

We offer a wide range of side sliding grilles. Side Sliding grilles are commonly found in food applications and retail. Grilles and doors can have a radius, bi-parting and center locking options. Our certified welders get it right every time. You can trust our engineering experts to design even the most difficult applications.